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The Cheating Husband Secrets Blog is our summarized journal about the thoughts and ways of the unfaithful man. That is, secrets men wished were not disclosed!

Because the site and the blog is owned by men who had been there, seen it all and are involved in helping couples survive extramarital affairs, it tackles practical and real issues, not academic, or hear-say stories. The blog will, therefore, give insight about how this misbehavior in men is formed and sustained.

And how it may be prevented or halted.

The Blog will also offer counsel to women (or wives) who are at the receiving end of men infidelity. We will present important relationship ideas and effective emotional healing methods.

As new web pages appear on the Cheating Husband site, they will be announced on this blog to inform our visitors.

We will also inform you on key relationship news as they unfold; particularly as it relates to men infidelity.

This Blog has all it takes to make your visit worthwhile.


I Want My Husband Back.

We have been married 10 years and have a seven year old daughter. We have separated about four times and back together again. He cannot forgive me for

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My Husband Has Started Cheating Like His Friends.

My husband and first love, we've been together for 26 years. He started a new job being around men who cheat on their wives. He cheated and don’t have

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Wandering Eyes: Husband Gets Erection Lusting After Women.

My husband has a wandering eye. We haven't had sex for months but he gets an instant erection while looking at women. Please pray for me.

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My Husband Cheating, Removed Our Wedding Ring From His Finger.

Our marriage started out with God. In February, by coincidence, I discovered my husband was actually cheating. Since last year, we've been having lots

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My Husband Moved In With A 19 Year Old Girl.

My husband of 12 years has left our home and three children and I. I found out shortly after him leaving that he has been having an affair with a 19

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Husband Wants To Return But A Force Is Holding Him Back!

I have been married for 5 years, my husband cheated on me. I left the apartment because he decided he needed time, it has been 3 weeks. He tells me that

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I'm So Much Hurting By His Cheating.

I was married in 1998 because I was pregnant. I met my husband in exile in Zimbabwe. We were both activists. We were crazy for each other but when he

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Are Prayers Enough To Get Back The Cheating Husband?

How do we deliver our spouse? Is it just through prayers? I started praying the stated prayer on the website with fasting but is there anything else

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Husband Sneaks To This Woman Behind My Back.

My husband is seeing someone as soon as I go to work in the morning he goes out to visit this woman and our relationship has been sour ever since.

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My Wife Returned to ex-Boyfriend

My wife of two years has returned to her ex of six years ago(not her husband) they were never married. I am her first husband and her my first wife. He

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