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Working With God To Restore Your Marriage

This is the page for the download of the BBI Letter, so we shall go direct to it. All the guide and information you need to engage the prayers maximally are already in the BBI Letter 5.

However, I would like to mention some few reminders here.

I am persuaded to suggest that you save the BBI Letter  as you download. In fact, it is better to print it out. This is to prevent you losing it during the prayers due to system crash, corruption or accidental deletion.

Take this to heart:

1. Follow the instructions in the BBI Letter 5 so that we will all be praying in the unity of spirit and faith.

2. Pray as often as you can but certainly not less than the recommended number of times in the Letter. The more you pray, the better.

3. Pray the prayers as they are but I encourage you to interject in tongues and songs that come to your mind as you pray. Also mention your husband's name (and yours) wherever applicable throughout the prayers.

It is a waste to get this BBI Letter and not pray it. If you don't pray, it will not work.

I am available by email to assist and guide you further.

Our prayers are to God, and to Him alone. He sees your struggles and knows you deeply. No one can deceive God.

  • To Him nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37; Matthew 17:20; Jeremiah 32:27 ).
  • He alone changes times and seasons (Daniel 2:21; James 5:17 ),
  • He brings the dead, issues and events to life again (Romans 4:17; John 11:25; John 11:43-44 ).

You are on to a revival of your marriage.

When you click the small ADD To CART Button below, you will have to input the amount you are sending and click 'Pay with credit card'. Then complete the other details.

Now download your BBI Letter.

You will receive a download instruction for the BBI Letter 5 so you can start to pray as advised. If you are unable to download it for any reason, please send me a mail immediately to

The God of Heaven answers targeted prayers, no matter the level of hopelessness.  I'm confident that  these Bible prayers would work for you too.

Please let me know if there's any way I can make your prayer life easier and more fruitful.

The Lord bless you.


You shall succeed.



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