Can God Allow A Divorce For Some People?

When you pray the prayers correctly and the cheating spouse keeps going back and forth. One minute he seems to be changing, next minute he is back to suspicious behaviour. Is it possible that God can say yes to divorce in certain situations?

Would a praying and bible reading, God fearing, doer of God's word and instructions be affected by a generational troubled marriage curse, and would a curse from her forefathers by any change hinder her prayers from being answered?

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Mar 23, 2017
God Hates Divorce.
by: Osita

God's word never changes. God does not support divorce for whatever reason. He hates it. It is there in His Word. For the fact that some good Christians are divorced do not change the mind of God for marriage.

Every true born again Christian is saved from curses as an individual (Galatians 13). However, that Christian has to know it, confess it and enforce it in prayers.

If you assume it, and do nothing, the devil will deceive you and put you in the circumstances again. This is the same in all areas of Christian life where Jesus has redeemed us: health, prosperity, righteous living, sound mind - there's always work involved. If your husband is an unbeliever, curses may follow him to your home, but you can resist it from coming on your children. You can even pray your husband into God, and out of the curses.

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