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The Cheating Husband Secrets Blog is our summarized journal about the thoughts and ways of the unfaithful man. That is, secrets men wished were not disclosed!

Because the site and the blog is owned by men who had been there, seen it all and are involved in helping couples survive extramarital affairs, it tackles practical and real issues, not academic, or hear-say stories. The blog will, therefore, give insight about how this misbehavior in men is formed and sustained.

And how it may be prevented or halted.

The Blog will also offer counsel to women (or wives) who are at the receiving end of men infidelity. We will present important relationship ideas and effective emotional healing methods.

As new web pages appear on the Cheating Husband site, they will be announced on this blog to inform our visitors.

We will also inform you on key relationship news as they unfold; particularly as it relates to men infidelity.

This Blog has all it takes to make your visit worthwhile.


Husband Couldn't Resist Girlfriend.

We know each other for 13 years and married for 10 years in 2017. The unlawful relationship was begun in 1 Sept 2017 in my husband office. We just celebrated

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My Husband Left Me and My 4 kids

My husband has been cheating and lying on me. This time around when his affair began he became distant, cold, angry, verbally and emotionally abusive towards

Continue reading "My Husband Left Me and My 4 kids"

Husband Wont Take My Calls.

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We have had so many problems. He puts money, family, his friends and everyone else before myself and his

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My Husband Needs Deliverance From Generational Curses.

My husband has multiple conditions: diabetes, arthritis, high BP. He want to marry a barren divorced woman. . He has a lot of women on his life and stills

Continue reading "My Husband Needs Deliverance From Generational Curses."

My Husband Said He Never Loved Me!

My husband has cheated on me and walked out on my and the kids, saying he doesn’t love me and never has loved me. He has also stated that he hates the

Continue reading "My Husband Said He Never Loved Me!"

My Husband Beat Me Up For 12 Years.

My husband left with another woman. It's been 9 months that we have not seen him. We have 3 children. I endured 12 years of domestic violence and still

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My Husband Of 40 Years Is A Pastor But Cheats And Wants Divorce.

My husband was a pastor. He left our home, didn't tell me he was moving out. l have not seen him since 12/22/2017. He had divorce papers delivered to me.

Continue reading "My Husband Of 40 Years Is A Pastor But Cheats And Wants Divorce."

My Husband Cheats With His 'Sister"

My husband is a Bishop in love with other women. Helps her financially and take care of her needs. As he told me that lady is his sister, but according

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I Need Deliverance Prayers that Work For My Marriage.

Greetings in the name of our saviour. My husband left me and our daughter a year ago. I thought he’d take time to reflect on things he’d been doing like

Continue reading "I Need Deliverance Prayers that Work For My Marriage."

My husband Doesn't Sleep At home.

My Husband stopped loving me. I left him due to him cheating for years. I needed sanity in my life but he asked me to come back which I have. I've been

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