Emotional Affair - Christian Husband Can't Break Free.

by Cher
(New York)

My husband and I (Christians) have been married for about 35 years. He had a physical affair back in 1999. We got through it! He humbled himself and totally repented. We did some counseling.

He lost his job. I work fulltime and I guess I blamed him for our finacial mess. He was uncaring, unmoving; he wouldn't help me. So I too closed down, that's when he invited another woman to confide in.

He went on a porn site and in a chat room met a married woman who is having problems with her husband. Their 'friendship' turned into an emotional love affair.

I found out in June of 2015. I found texts, emails and love letters to her. He is in it deep! He says he wants to stay married to me, loves me and wants to work on us...but won't end the sinful relationship.

I ask you to please pray against this stronghold. He says he wants to change yet won't release this sin! He tells me thgat this time it is so strong and he fears that he can't get back and what if he does this to me again.

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