God Is Working On Cheating Husbands.

by Candace A
(Tx, USA)

I went through it all, Cheating, lying and lust pushed me to a point where I just wanted to give up. And a situation came where it opened both of our eyes.

See where I went wrong was fighting him. We get so lost in our own feelings we forget about God's words. THE only weapon I ever need was God him self. I stop checking on who she was and now I'm praying not against my husband but for him. FATHER GOD right now I ask to cover my husband show him there is no way unless it's through you.

Trust God and stop fighting your spouse; it's the devil who you have to fight. I love my husband and I thank God now daily for him.

He's my husband and if God blessed me with him, I'm going to work with him until God say other wise. Men forget a lot more than women but Our sweet God always sends them a sweet reminder.

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