He Lied To Me And Started Another Affair.

by Precious
(South africa)

I have been in a relationship with my partner for 5 1/5 yrs. We have been through a lot together, there were situations that were meant to break us up but we never broke up.

Early 2017 he accused me of using muthi (evil charm) on him after he found some muthi under his pillow. We managed to talk about this whole situation and things seemed to be back to normal. Suddenly around September, he told me he wants to leave me as he cannot have another child with me or marry me.

In December 2017, I found out he is seeing another woman and they have been seeing each other since June.

He is the man that I wished to spend the rest of my life with. He has became a father to my son from my previous relationship. He has 3 of his own daughters from different women. I believe that there is some evil spirit that is making him not to want to commit. He also has a fear of fathering his 4th child with me because feels like he is cursed.

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