His Friends Misled Him To Seek Extra-marital Sex

by Senorita

My husband was the most loving person i met until his friends influenced him to seek extra-marital sex mates.

His perception about marriage changed suddenly and he doesn't want to spend time with his family at home, go out together for shopping or fun anymore.

So he decided to look for a white girl, put his profile online and found a couple of girls and started dating them.

I found him out, hit him on the face and he was decent for a few days. But he went back to his dates, I broke his phone this time, he cooled down for few more days and again started .

When I caught him again, I just didn't know what to do. He begged and wants me to trust him but my heart has been broken a number of times and it's difficult to trust him.

I want him to be faithful; that is what I'm praying for. God touch his mind so that he will realize his mistakes.

Another concern about him is that he does not believe in God.

Please pray for us.

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