Husband Abandon Wife And Child To Live With A Married Mistress.

by Mrs Moss

My husband was cheating at work and I never knew. He worked third shift, we were not being intimate because of the hours and home front issues with kids. So he cheated, I caught him so he went to work and never came back. No call, no text, no goodbye.

My mom passed away about a month later; he spent one day with me but I grieved alone. He went from never being away from our daughter for more than his work hours to only seeing her three times in a month. As for me I couldn't take a shower without him being right there. When I got off work, he would be in the parking lot waiting for nothing. I tried to hug him soon after he left and he ran! Its definitely a different spirit in him.

I've stood in faith and forgiveness for three months and lost lots of weight due to fasting 35 days.

I ask for prayers. I'm done battling and I'm stepping back and let God do the rest. I'm wiped out to exhaustion. My Husband is living with this woman who is also married.

Lord Jesus, by your blood over my family, break this yoke with your anointing. Free my husband from the bondage of soul ties. Please Father break all the chains that come with adultery.

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