Husband Leaves Me and 3 Kids To Live With A Girl

by Mimi
(Las Vegas)

When my husband moved out, I thought he just needed a break. I have come to find out he has a girlfriend.

I also found out he is living with her. I still pray for his return but nothing seems to be working. Lately, he does not even come to see our 3 kids and he hardly ever calls.

I just don't know what to do. I am trying to move forward and hopes he comes to his senses soon.

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Mar 20, 2018
Start praying for your husband, it's fun at the end NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Mimi
I have 3 children by my husband and he has planned to do the same thing, walked out on us but God reveal his plans through his on camera he put in his car. That's how God work when you trust him. As I speak my husband is still lying to because he doesn't know I have it on tape. The fun us, he's not home, he traveled so he'll be shock when he hear his own voice. I advice you to pray for your husband and ask others to pray with you not for you because you need to tell God what you want. God will hear you and bring him back regardless of the circumstances. Don't give up on him because he need you at this point. Find and watch the movie "war room". You'll not stop praying for him until he change.
Let God guide you through this.

Nov 28, 2017
Update NEW
by: Mimi

My husband has been calling and texting just to check on the kids. I have not been responding. Everytime I interact with him I am destroyed. How can he not care about me anymore, we are married. I miss him so much. I am all alone in the city I live no family, he was our family. Pray for me.

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