Husband's Family Has Lust And Lying Spirit In All Males.

by Jody

My husband for the most part is a loving man he takes really good care of our family. He has cheated on me in the past and on his other relationships I believe he has a spirit of some kind of demon that is keeping him held. His father had the same problem all his brothers and their sons have the same kind of demon spirit and it's all based on sexual stuff and porn and gambling.

I just need you guys to please pray that my husband gets released from this bondage that this demon has on my husband. Pray that my husband will stop gambling, stop lusting over other women and cheating on me.

We have a little seven-year-old together and she loves her daddy very much. He's a very good daddy to her and a good husband to me except for the lusting and gambling, the cheating and lying.

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