I Need Deliverance Prayers that Work For My Marriage.

by Emily
(New Zealand )

Greetings in the name of our saviour. My husband left me and our daughter a year ago. I thought he’d take time to reflect on things he’d been doing like watching porn and see help. Instead he left the church and is now in a sexual relationship with a woman he met at work despite his assurances that he would never embark on one.

I thought things were getting better and I hoped to get back together despite him refusing to get counseling or talking to the church. I feel hurt, so hurt as I cannot believe that he could do something like this, I asked God for my husband and prayed for him and He heard me.

I now ask where is God to deliver my husband and save him from this ungodly Union. Why isn’t he hearing me and what is blocking my prayers? I pray for strength to go through this storm, I pray for God to change me, change my husband, and for salvation and redemption to come back to the church and then home, for forgiveness. To remove this woman from my husband’s life and return him to the church and then to me.

Please pray, pray as my marriage is under attack and my faith is not strong enough to be able to do it on my own. Thank you and God bless.

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