Married 24 Years But My Husband Is Seduced By Facebook Lover.

by Broken
(Florida, USA)

My husband started acting weird around May 2015. He wouldn't want to leave the house, and he was also on his tablet and ps3 continuously.

I later found out he was talking to a woman in Canada. He has been talking to her online on fake Facebook page. I confronted him and he started to deny but then he admitted it.

Well, he removed the fake Facebook page but three weeks later, he started again.

He is abusive to me and calls me the most horrible things you can ever imagine. This other woman has him going crazy. I thought of hacking the fb page but I don't want to get more depressed. When I read the emails he told her he loved her and she said she misses him.

I am distraught, depressed, sad, mad... I just want to die but I can't. So please anyone out there who could help me in prayer and pray for our marriage to get back to normal and for that woman to go away and never come back.

I have 3 boys 22, 21 and 9. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and I feel as if I'm not being heard maybe its me but I am just at the end of this black hole ans I don't see a ladder to get out of it. Thank you ahead of time.

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May 06, 2016
Break Your Husband's Affair With Prayers.
by: Osita

Hi, when we pray God answers because we pray right, targeted prayers. You need the right prayers to get this affair broken and your husband return to you.

Sign on to the Free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our website and we shall partner with you in power prayers.

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