My Cheating Husband And Mistress Ridicules Me.

by Yolanda
(Decatur,Ga United states)

My husband was cheating with a lady. I found out about it after he took her on a trip for his birthday and I locked him out because I was angry and hurt.

So my husband came to get some of his cloths and moved with her on August 21,2015. I have been begging and pleading for him to come home but he says no he wants a divorce and it is my fault that he cheated in the first place.

The lady answers his phone and makes fun of me. My husband say I will be getting divorce papers He talks to me like he hates me and curse me out and the lady told him to tell me that they are happy now and that I had my chance.

He did not have a job for 5 years and now he gets a job he leaves me.

PLease pray with me for healing and restoration and for God to break this soul tie my husband have with this woman. He should come home so we can work on our marriage. He has even turned his mom against me, and the lady goes around all his family and friends.

I really love my husband. Please help pray for our marriage.

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