My Husband Cannot Stop Cheating After Repentance.

by Adele
(UK )

Hi my heart is broken .... my husband of 30 years is cheating on me. This is not the first time but it's getting worse.

We used to be worship leaders in our church for many years after my husband became a Christian. He repented of porn addict and a cheating when he met God, and our life changed completely.

For several years we had a good marriage and we were very busy serving our local church ...later we started having some marital problems (for several reasons) that lead him away from me. He started having an affair that lasted for 3 years. He left me and my children for over a year to go a live with the other woman. It was devastating and I nearly lost my faith but I prayed and prayed until something amazing happened, he repented and came back home.

We renewed our vows and made promise to each other that this will never happen again. Now a year later, he is doing it again!

I'm praying every day all the time for him but I don't see any results yet... please help! I don't want the devil to destroy my family once again... I have been praying the deliverance prayer faithfully every single day but he is resisting, he is blind and full of darkness,is heart is stone.

My pastor is also praying for us but he is lying to him and everyone including himself.

Please pray that God will set him free from the strange woman and for true repentance.

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Nov 16, 2015
Prayer Power To Deliver The Cheating Husband
by: Osita

Adele, I would like to pray with you the targeted prayers for God's intervention in your husband and marriage.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from our site and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel for your cheating husband.

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