My Husband Cheating For 10 Years With His EX.

by Yvette
(Houston Tx, USA)

Our marriage has been a difficult journey. We quarreled, fought and had affairs. I was so sorry and stopped but he continued. I found out that he had an ongoing affair for 10 years with his ex. They have a 30-year-old daughter together.

He would come home late so I had to get him removed via the police and he started telling people the reason he left was that I called the police. But the real reason is he was in another relationship and he hates me. He doesn't call or check on his kids and he will not answer any of my calls.

His family knew about the relationship and they endorsed it. In fact, during a recent funeral of a close family member, they wanted the other woman to come and not me. Even my husband didn't want me sitting by him at the funeral.

God, I want him to stop the affair and come back to me. I want him to take care of our kids and take Church seriously.

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