My Husband Claims To Love Me; Also Telling Another Woman Same Thing

by Alicia
(Statesville nc )

I'm a mother of 4 kids and married . My husband has left one month ago and has been staying with a woman. Spending a lot of money on her and drinking way to much . He comes home once a week.

He would come to drop clothes off and get a few outfits each time he came home. But a week and a half hasn't spent night but comes when I'm not home.

People send me things that he posts on his fb . This week he posted he is in love with this woman. I don't know where they met or how long they have had the affair. But he tells me he loves me and our kids and wants our family and marriage to get better and that it will get better soon. And that he will be home soon.

He keeps breaking promises to us and our kids. We haven't fought before he left. We were fine. He just left. I don't want to give up on our family or our marriage. I don't want this other person taking him away from us.

I know God heals marriages and families and breaks affairs. I really need spiritual help and guidance somehow.

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