My Husband Is Always With Immoral People Who Make Him Cheat.

by Fatimah

Hi my name is Fatimah and I've been down a long road with my husband . We have been together for 24 years. He has been unfaithful for all the 24 years.

We have two boys together. I love my husband and he loves us , but his up bringing brought him to the streets. When my husband was 18 years old he cheated on me and had a baby on me which was devastating that really hurted me.

I had pastors pray for him I even tried psychics. I tried everything. He still can't seem to leave the party love and hip hop life alone . He's a good father payed the bills helps out takes us on trips do great things for us , but he won't leave negative people alone .

He says he love me , but I don't know what else to do I'm praying and praying, but I don't know what God want me to do . Now he's in jail for a little charge and we talk and laugh now , but sometimes I get upset , and not want to be bothered he don't want a divorce, but he don't want to let negative people go .

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