My Husband Is In A Cult And Cheater.

by Michelle
(London )

My husband confessed he was having an affair with a Christian I knew, but didn't know they were having an affair at that time.

He continued on and off with different women and different races; he said he couldn't help himself. He even went as far as becoming engaged to get married to help someone out with the papers because she just wanted her stay.

He lost his job because of that. Since that episode things became worse he turned his back on God and joined a cult, the cult leader said where we lived will flood so he sold the house. We are now having to rent. He has since joined another cult is into spirituality and metaphysics.

He has slandered and told so many lies behind my back even to our children.

We separated 2014. But I stand for my marriage I have watched my husband deteriorate cry say he doesn't know who he is but me being so ignorant did not take it to the Lord. I sought out because some said this woman is good so I went to her.
This has not helped and has opened the door wider to the enemy

I gave my life to God this year and have prayed for myself and the restoration of my family. He is now with another woman who pays and buys him everything.

Please pray to release us all from all bondage of the enemy and restore our family in the mighty powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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