My Wife Is Having Affair With A Younger Man.

by Robert

My wife of 12 years started an affair behind my back about two months ago. She's 8 years younger than me and now seeing a guy 8 years younger than her. She's having a midlife crisis.

She told me she knows it won't work and wanted a divorce. But know she's cracking and softening towards me. I told her I'm here and I know this won't last - that I forgive her and am waiting here to start a new.

Please pray that God leads her to restoration and reconciliation.

It's taken a lot for me to recognize my faults and how I contributed to this. I've taken responsibility and worked on making those chafes and always operating out of love for her.

We have two daughters 11 and 8 who are torn up. This is like a drug for her and she's addicted to the high. I just want her to come to her senses because she's not herself, please pray.

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