We Are Divorced But Still Seeing Each Other

by Michelle
(Pretoria, South Africa)

My husband (43 years old) has an affair with a 29 year old lady. He has been having the affair now for 2 years.

We are divorced now for 7 months but in my heart he still is my husband as GOD gave us to each other for 21 years. My husband is not happy and he even admitted it. He visits me and our children every weekend but he also said his pride is killing him and at this stage he can only offer me friendship and nothing more, but he still are in a relationship with her.

I don't understand that. I've been praying and sleeping on ash and sack cloth, fasting, everything......
He is so trapped in satan's web and I so pray that he would be delivered.

Please pray for his deliverance and return to the Lord and me and our daughters.
Thank you

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Mar 22, 2018
Engage Targeted Prayers For The Restoration Of Your Marriage.
by: Osita

Hi, I want you to pray right and have your husband and marriage back. God answers prayers, but the right prayers only!

Let us obtain the prayers and pray along with you until you have your home united in love and peace again.

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