What Do I Do With This Serial Cheater Husband.

My husband and I have been married for three years and we have three kids. Before he married me, I had already had two kids.

He was a minister of the gospel and I was a minister in training.

I was pregnant and devastated when I found out about his secret affair. I never prayed or said anything to God, so the situation went from bad to worse.

I had my baby and another love affair happened resulting in my husband having a baby outside. I forgave him but my actions didn't change him. I should have prayed and cast spirits out but I didn't know enough to do so.

I discovered he yet again had another affair and actually was staying the night with the other woman. Our daughter got sick and was hospitalized for about a week, during that time, he stayed at the hospital with us. I prayed and anointed his room and he was reformed. But he went off again.

I have prayed a million times seeking God and fasting about my marriage. Should I get divorce or would it be restored? We ended up going to the court to file for D papers.

I prayed and God gave me a word and prepare my hurt for either release or reconciliation. I know God wants me to fight this faith fight both my husband and I are babes in Christ. We fully didn't understand he was being controlled by the enemy.

We were a godly household who were winning souls to Christ and the enemy came through.

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