Your Prayers Reconnected Me To My Cheating Husband

by Michelle
(San Antonio , TX , USA )

Hello Osita, thank u for your prayers 24 hours after u and I began our prayers my ex husband contacted me. We spoke for 50 minutes we had not spoke in almost 3 months, I was able to pray for him and tell him how I loved him, tell him how much Jesus loved him and thank him for all he has done for me and my daughter. He even told me that he prays for us every night.

He did mention that he is with the other woman but he does have trust issues with her . I zipped my lips and did not say a word. I know this is the beginning of Gods way to open up the communication lines between him and I and I will be able watch miracles unfold each day.

Bless you for this ministry and we will be victorious! Amen !

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